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mui zyu - a wonderful thing vomits FD107


Born in Northern Ireland to Hong Kong parents and now based in London, mui zyu (pronounced “moy joo”) is the solo project of musician Eva Liu, also of experimental pop trio, Dama Scout.

Exploring themes of alienation, cultural displacement, escape, and her own gathered trauma as an East Asian queer woman not sure where to call home whilst trying to find strength and positivity through creativity, mui zyu’s sonic palette draws on her love of video games, film soundtracks and 90’s Cantonese pop songs. mui zyu melts syrupy melodies with traditional Chinese instruments and disintegrating lo-fi soundscapes.

Debut EP a wonderful thing vomits is a collection of songs written, recorded and mixed at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project began as an opportunity to learn about sound recording and processing, and has become a safe space to immerse, create and escape from reality.


  1. pour a brain
  2. yolk
  3. hoi faa (feat. Jett Kwong)
  4. zi oi 自爱