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Rivergazer - Random Nostalgia FD-020


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Rivergazer is the musical project of of London-born, New York-bred songwriter, Kevin Farrant. Since 2011 he has quietly self-released music and played in a variety of bands including guitar with childhood friend Aaron Maines’ Porches. (Domino Records). On Random Nostalgia, Rivergazer’s first full length studio, Farrant teamed up with producer Hunter Davidsohn and longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist, Kolson Pickard to achieve a bigger conceptual sound. The album tells a tale of modern sadness -- growing up in the suburbs, getting married and divorced, having no money, being in debt, driving mom’s car, friends, isolation, wanting a dog, finding zen, and making memories. Rivergazer has crafted an album that is both thematically relatable and sonically familiar, residing at the intersection of nostalgia and now.


  1. Lonely
  2. Plastic Tshirt
  3. Safari Jack
  4. Under My Skin
  5. Pour Me
  6. Oh Well
  7. Whimper
  8. Tai Chi
  9. Random Nostalgia
  10. Savannah
Pressing Information

300 / Black