Alone at Last marks the debut record from Chicago based artist, Tasha, and her first on Father/Daughter Records

Posted on September 24th, 2018

On her debut album Alone at Last, Tasha celebrates the radical political act of being exquisitely gentle with yourself. For years, the Chicago songwriter has dreamed hard of a better world—she's worked with the local racial justice organization Black Youth Project 100 and has been on the front lines at protests around the city. But as she returned to the guitar, an instrument her mother first taught her to play when she was 15 years old, she began exploring the ways music can be a powerful force for healing. It might not fix a deeply broken world all by itself, but it can offer comfort and respite for those who, like her, dare to imagine a thriving future.

"The Chicago-based artist, poet and activist Tasha wants you to be kind to yourself and others, and makes music in kind that feels like a quietly stoic challenger to a beastly world."-NPR

Love may paint the world a rosier shade, but Tasha can still see society for what it is, using her newfound strength to change it."


Alone at Last is available digitally and physically as a 12" vinyl and a CD. LPs are pressed on baby blue wax, limited to 500 copies, and include a zine with poems from Tasha Viets-VanLear, Imani Jackson, Keisa Reynolds, Kara Jackson, Jamila Woods, and Stella Binion -- all Chicago based, black women writers.

Visit our Bandcamp page or the Alone at Last item page on our store here to pre-order. Alone at Last drops October 26, 2018.