10 years of Father/Daughter - an interview & playlist from Levek

That's right, our little label is turning 10 years old this year. It's been a wild ride and we've got so many things in store for you in 2020. To celebrate our anniversary, we're rolling out a monthly series of features on some Father/Daughter artists. They'll tell us who they are, give us a look into the making of their record, what they've been up to since, and even hand curate a playlist for us to soundtrack this 10 year anniversary party with. Our first entry in the series goes back a decade to a Katy Perry filled era known as 2010. Get some insight into the origin story of David Levesque (Levek) and his EP, FD-003, Look on the Bright Side.

Father/Daughter Records: How'd you first hear of / begin working with the label?
David Levesque (Levek): F/D co-owner Jessi sent me a message on MySpace a little over 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, she had seen me on the band Viernes’ top eight and wanted to work together. About a year goes by and she asks if Id be into releasing an EP on her new label, as well as becoming Levek’s manager. We held off on the management at first, but put out the record. On the east coast tour for that release, our van broke down in New Jersey. It was seemingly hopeless, I then remembered Jessi wanted to be our manager. I figured if she could get us out of this, she should manage us. With a few calls, Jessi saved the tour with a Uhaul truck and became our manager.

F/D: What were some of your inspirations for look on the bright side?
Levek: I remember listening to soundtracks and the Delphonics around that time and wanted to mess around with vocal arrangement. I was mostly being inspired by my roommates who played music each other regularly.

F/D: What was the recording process like for the EP?
Levek: Around this time I recorded everything in GarageBand with the built-in mic on my laptop with some twenty dollar Sony headphones. For Look On The Bright Side I asked my roommate Nicole Miglis to write and sing the first verse after listening to the chorus I had tracked in my room. Our voices sound weirdly similar in this track and she just killed it. I remember the violinist Aaron just was hanging at the house that day and he just did those string layers in one take in my room. The b-side track Sloww is a track I recorded outside on my porch sitting on my front steps for most of it. I would improv the guitar and vocals in a take, then layered everything else on top like everything was on purpose. I liked recording outside if it was a pretty sounding day.

F/D: What are some of your favorite f/d albums thus far?
Levek: Vagabon - Infinite Worlds and Tasha - Alone at Last.

F/D: What've you been up to since?
Levek: After the EP, I tracked and toured a full length album called Look A Little Closer. In the last two years I’ve started a video production company with a few friends called Flooded Productions. I get to combine a lot of my loves into multiple outlets and it’s been a fun new challenge.

Listen to the mix Levek made here and pick up a copy of Look on the Bright Side here.

Watch: Tasha's Audiotree session

Tasha (and her band!) visited the Audiotree studios and recorded her incredible performance a few weeks ago and it's available for all to hear starting today! Hit the link here to watch the whole session on Audiotree's Youtube channel or to listen to it on your favorite streaming platform.

Tasha is an indie rock songwriter who "celebrates the radical political act of being exquisitely gentle with yourself". She is deeply invested in her community, has worked with various racial justice organizations throughout Chicago and seeks to explore the "ways music can be a powerful force for healing".

- Audiotree

1. Something About This Girl
2. Alright
3. Lullaby
4. Kind of Love
5. Wintersong I

BEST OF 2019

We asked our artists to narrow down their absolute favorite song of 2019 and these are the songs that made the cut. The F/D team even threw a few in the mix ourselves. Listen to the playlist here.

Jessi Frick - Founder of F/D (Placeholder by Hand Habits)

The first time I heard this song performed live, it gave me goose bumps. Meg is an incredible guitarist and songwriter.

Tyler Andere - A&R at F/D (Dirtball by Modern Nun)

This song is a sugar rush. It feels like it’s just barely hanging on by a thread until that bridge comes in...”because she’s got a temper and it flips like a switch!” It begs for repeat listens.

Andrew Lopez - Digital Marketing at F/D (Every Woman by Vagabon)

Jessi had received an early listen of Vagabon's newest record a few months before it was announced and put it on for us to listen to at the office. Every Woman hit me hard and still does. I vaguely tweeted "heard a record that changed me yesterday" the following day in reference to listening to this album because it really did. Can't thank Laetitia enough for creating such a touching piece of art.

Jordan Lee - Mutual Benefit (Stack the Miles by Gabriel Birnbaum)

Gabe played saxophone on my last record where I told him to make it "wiggly but not too jazzy-sounding" he politely obliged and since them I've been truly impressed with his musical output. Stack the Miles is from his most recent solo album. I feel like it perfectly encapsulates the numb joy of touring too much. The droning acoustic guitar in the background adds a tinge of dread to what would otherwise by a breezy song.

Esther Rose (Different Ways by Faustina Masigot)

I've been stuck on this song all year; there is a spaciousness in the melody that relaxes my nerves, while the words are cutting and direct. It's a hell of a drug.

Andrew / Joe - Sat. Nite Duets (Hartsdale Hotbox by Frog and Snow is Falling in Manhattan by Purple Mountains)

Andrew on Hartsdale Hotbox: Best lyrics out of Queens in '19? Could be!

Joe on Snow is Falling in Manhattan: "Songs build little rooms in time" -- here is a place where DCB lives forever.

Catherine / Carmen / Jack - Remember Sports (Jogging by Richard Dawson, Bullshit by Palehound and Coin Pocket by Ylayali)

Catherine on Jogging: I love the weird meter of the lyrics.

Carmen on Bullshit: It’s one of those repetitive songs that gets stuck in my head on loop for days at a time. In a good way. The lyrics are very beautiful and really hit me hard when I first heard the song.

Whitney Ballen (Dark Green Water by Great Grandpa)

It just has a feeling that reminds me of how swampy Seattle often feels and is full of loud surprises! Plus, I've had it stuck in my head for months!

Lucy / Josée - Partner (Hey I'm Just Like You by Tegan and Sara)
We have been obsessed with this song since it came out. The acoustic guitar and melody really speak to the time it was written (The 90s) but the pop production and giant drops are super contemporary and it’s cool to hear the sisters honor their younger selves with this faithful interpretation of their own old song.

Anna McClellan (Daylight Matters by Cate le Bon)

Cate le Bon’s music evokes a sort of perky melancholy that is immediately soothing. I’ve found a lot of answers and a lot of questions in this record.

Sir Babygirl (Pink Lite by Sir Babygirl)

My favorite song from 2019 is Pink Lite by this kind of whack kind of awesome new artist Sir Babygirl. This was the last song I wrote for my debut album Crush on Me while living at my parents house in the woods of New Hampshire, where I went to finally take myself seriously as a writer and producer and see if I could finish an album. I remember just wanting to write an anthem about accepting the humanness of "bad habits" in an attempt to exorcise destructive self-loathing. It's my favorite song to sing live and just feels like this jolt of catharsis with the audience every time <3

Robin Edwards - Lisa Prank (Drunk II by Mannequin Pussy)

I'm always looking for a new song that will make me cry, and once I find it I listen to it again and again until I've gotten all the feeling I can from it. This song about the self-destructive ways we deal with heartbreak hasn't lost any of it's feeling since the first time I listened to it--it's raw emotion masterfully crafted into a perfect pop song.

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